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Bill Frost Biography

     Bill Frost was born as an identical twin on May 24th, 1976 in Virginia.

He and his identical twin were adopted by their Aunt when they were

just weeks old and raised in Nashville, TN. His family had already been

working in the entertainment industry when Bill was born. His adoptive

father owned a Tour Bus Company in Nashville where he employed luxury

bus drivers that toured with bands and artists such as The Temptations,

Prince, Alabama, Rick James, Stevie Nicks, Tanya Tucker, Charlie Daniels,

and many other great musical artists. 


     In 1980, at the age of four (4) years old, Bill began training in Chinese

Martial Arts (Shaolin Kung Fu/Wushu/Wing Chun) under Grand Master

Rusty Gray of Nashville, TN. He spent almost every day at the school

training after school hours and enjoyed travelling to Lexington, KY and

Chicago, IL whenever he could to further his training with other great

teachers to include John C. Y. Tsai, John Wing Loc Ng, and John Dufresne. Bill has been training in these Martial Arts systems ever since.


     While in Junior High, Bill attended Apollo and was accepted into the Scholars (Honors) Program. While attending this school Bill was able to earn several High School credits and even won a state-wide competition for a seat to attend the United States Space Academy in Huntsville, AL. Bill spent the summer of his 8th grade at the Space Academy and even won the position of Flight Director for the simulated mission to space. He was very happy to have earned his "wings" and still possesses the original flight suit he used while attending. Bill was also a member of the Nashville Boy's Club Choir for several years.

     Bill met a professional magician by the name of Gary Thomas while in Junior High. Gary Thomas attended the same martial arts school that Bill did and the two would come to an agreement. Bill would train Gary privately in martial arts and Gary would teach Bill all the magic skills and tricks he knew. It was a deal that eventually led the two to create "The Magic and Martial Arts Show"; a kid show that they performed around the Nashville area. Bill has been practicing and performing the art of magic on stages ever since and has been rated a 5 Star Entertainer.


     Bill attended Antioch High School in Nashville, TN and continued in the Scholars Program with advanced classes. While in high school Bill began getting involved with acting, debate, improv and student congress. He won several debate and improv competitions around the state and eventually earned a Degree of Excellence from the National Forensics League. Bill was also awarded two Outstanding Speaker Award plaques for his seats at both the Student House and Student Senate chambers at the Nashville Capital building.


     In 1993 Bill Frost was accepted to become a foreign exchange student to Hong Kong, China for the school year. He was fortunate to have had this amazing oportunity in which he was able to learn about the Chinese culture, train more in Chinese Martial Arts, participate in Chinese sports and recreational activities and become involved in various other forms of activities he could have only experienced while in China.   


     Bill returned from China later in 1993 and began to train heavily in Chinese Mixed Martial Arts (San Shou). He eventually won a spot on a competition team and went on to win two (2) East Regional Full Contact Championships, a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal for a National Level Competition.


     Graduation from Antioch High School came in 1995 for Bill Frost. Bill graduated with an Honors Diploma, a Soccer award for best defensive player and several awards for academics to include a Presidential Academic Achievement Award. Leaving high school, he decided to enlist into the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman. Bill left for Parris Island boot camp

a short time after graduating.


     Bill spent a total of about ten (10) years in the United States Marine Corps. He served in billets such as Infantry Leader, Training Chief, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Formal School Platform Instructor, Combat Instructor and Special Event Narrator from the years of 1995 to 2005. He served with 3/2 Lima Company, 2nd Marine Regiment and the School of Infantry. Bill ended his active service with an Honorable Discharge and several awards for achievment. Bill has also served 4 years in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer in North Carolina where he worked for the Jacksonville Police Department and the Surf City Police Department. 


     In Fall of 2005 Bill was hired as a Marine Corps Contractor by Cubic Defense, Inc. He was hired as the Lead Military Simulations Analyst for the School of Infantry on board Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (New River). Bill has worked here ever since and continues to help train Marines at the school today. 

     Bill began his acting/filmmaking career in 2013. He has landed numerous lead film roles in both feature and short films. He has written and directed several films, with Awards to include Best Film, Best Actor and More. Bill has over 40 credits for acting/directing/writing and producing films. For more Info Visit his IMDB page at

     Today Bill Frost continues to work hard in the film business. He is currently writing scripts, producing films, choreographing fights/stunts and acting in several projects. He is the Co-Owner of Skeleton in the Closet Productions, LLC. as well as Cadmus Films, LLC. For more information on Bill as a filmmaker please visit

Bill Frost, Jacksonville, NC, Award Winning Actor
Bill Frost, Actor, Devil's Hitching Post, Jacksonville, NC, Award Winning Actor
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